About the creator

I began developing the project my second year teaching at American High School, in 1988-89. My urge was to create an experience that helped students discover what they valued in life in conjunction with their academic learning. The project gestated in my classroom during the 90s, as the high stakes testing industry bought and bullied its way to power.

In 2001, the project was recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English with the James Moffett Memorial Award for Teacher Research. In 2004, I published a guidebook on the Creed Project for teachers with Heinemann, a major education publisher.

In my presentations and writings, I try to convey the enthusiasm students, former students and colleagues who run the project in their classes express year after year for the self-discovery that comes from the Creed experience. The more academic and other pressures they face, the more our students need to discover who they are and how their lives can matter.

Teachers at middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country have created adaptations, and interest in the project in the era of the Common Core could increase.

I like to think out a little beyond, to one day when we look back and recall the Common Core and how it came and went in the era of The Personal Creed.