The YouTurn Ahead: Millennial Sophomores Speak for Self-Discovery in Learning

The tide is beginning to turn in American public education. After two decades of concerted corporate and government moves to privatize our public system, a bill moving through Congress would: bar the US Department of Education from forcing states to adopt any particular set of standards, prohibit the federal government from requiring that teachers be judged by student […]

The Personal Creed Project and the Return of Reflection

As I reported in my first post in this blog, at the end of her sophomore year in my high school English class this past school year, my student Kaavya wrote: The serious lack of thoughtful self-reflection, and no I don’t mean write about your favorite food, points to a serious flaw in the curriculum. […]

What Can Your 15-year-old Self Teach YOU Today?

A sophomore in one of my English classes nine years ago felt moved to write her own “Rules of Life.” Coming across this list recently, I sent it to her. At 24, Shannon sent me the following reply (slightly edited): “Mr. Creger, “To be honest, I am humbled by what I wrote. Before re-reading my […]